Making a Difference Together

Digital citizenship is really just citizenship. The basic rules of human decency don't change just because we are in a digital realm. As I've worked through the material in this course, I have become more convinced that being a good citizen is always about recognizing the rights of others, treating everyone with respect, and ensuring … Continue reading Making a Difference Together

Digital Citizenship, Week 5

Week 5 is always the "putting it together" week. During this week of the class, we always are required to synthesize all of the information we've been studying and consider how the information can be used in our current context or to further education as a whole. The Digital Citizenship class has been an introduction … Continue reading Digital Citizenship, Week 5

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a complex issue. While the definition may be simple, digital citizenship encompasses nine different elements that encourage digital citizens to consider their actions and their interactions with others (Ribble, 2017). When considering a definition of digital citizenship, it is important to have a good understanding of what citizenship means. Merriam-Webster (n.d) defines … Continue reading Digital Citizenship